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My name is Chris Coppeller, with over 24 years Job Hunt experience, I’ve screened over 100,000 resumes and Linkedin profiles, interviewed nearly 10,000 Job Hunters from Graduates to CEO’s of company’s and offered Jobs to 1000’s. I know how to make you stand-out to Hiring Managers and Recruiters.

I’ve taken 1000’s of people through the interview process.  I’ve been a hiring Manager, ran an Internal Talent Acquisition function and owner of a Recruitment Agency.  I understand the psychology of the Job Hunt and what is going to create interest in your application and what won’t.

I’m driven to help people succeed in their Job Hunt ambitions by preparing them with the tools and strategies to win a job they want.  Many times I’ve witnessed people with less experience get offered jobs over and above their competition through preparing and approaching the Job Hunt in a skilled way.  No matter how experienced you are, there is always a way to make you stand-out from the competition and position yourself for more roles on higher salaries.

How Chris can help you

CV Rewrite

Boost you application success
Boost Your Application Success Rate

Boost Your Application Success. Win more of those limited interview spots. STAND-OUT from the competition as a HIGHER VALUE

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Linkedin Overhaul

Attract employers to you
Elevate Your On-line Presence

Elevate your Professional on-line Presence and massively increase your likability to Head Hunters, HR & Organisations.

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Interview Skills & Confidence

Answers to impress
Exceptional Interview Skills

Cultivate Exceptional Interview Skills & Confidence to Impress.

Create outstanding answers to difficult questions

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Career Focus

Laser focused job hunt
Know Where To Focus

Unlock What to Do When You’re Not 100% Sure What to Do Next.

Remove anxiety of the unknown and get a manageable plan of what and where to next

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Job Hunt Navigator

Increase your worth
Dramatically Improve Your Job Hunt Results

Dramatically change your Job Hunt results and cultivate interesting and high value Job opportunities for life with our proven formula.

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